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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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His view actually aren’t straying a centimeter…
Si Yehan expressionlessly replied, “No reason to go quick.”
Ye Wanwan replied as she begun to take out the modern clothing from the case: “Huh? Who?”
“—um, I am talking about, it had been offered to me by a sort head!” Ye Wanwan adjusted herself while beaming.
“…” Ye Wanwan thought about: Is he Si Xia’s serious granddad?
Si Yehan showed up to acquire thought of anything, his expression darkening somewhat.
Ye Wanwan clucked her mouth. Ey, is my attraction lacking?
Si Yehan understood she was forcefully changing the subject but didn’t open her. “Who?”
It was almost impossible to go out of this area with the potency of a single person.
Si Yehan was surprised. “Si Xia?”
“Exactly where should you usually bathe?” Si Yehan questioned.
Ye Wanwan choked and scratched her brain. “Nope, I didn’t see him. I just found someone of my own, the boss of Perfect Owl, Haitang. She told me Emperor Ji somehow observed a way to have the island already. Just before departing, he kept an incredibly strange letter for me personally, however i couldn’t determine what he intended just after attempting to decipher it for one half a day…”
Having said that, considering the fact that Ji Xiuran dared to travel off to the sea, he likely possessed a foolproof system based on his individuality.
“That’s right! He terrified the besides beyond me when I observed him. After I discovered him operating toward me using a hoe, I assumed he would avenge his father, but that lad was aware his dad possessed nobody to fault but themself, so he didn’t make any hassle for me. Or else, I would’ve needed to go uncomplicated on him. After all, in terms of situation in the household hierarchy, I am just his Ninth Aunt-in-law…”
His eyeballs actually aren’t straying a centimeter…
“…” Ye Wanwan asked yourself: Is he Si Xia’s actual grandfather?
“In which would you usually bathe?” Si Yehan required.
He devoted a large amount of power merely to identify this island’s area. On top of that, the geography around this destination was extremely intricate and had plenty of undercurrents and reefs. He only were able to successfully get there over a s.h.i.+p while he selected sailors with generations of experience and had an detailed system. Nevertheless, the the navigation was extremely hazardous.
“Your eldest niece, Si Chun… Pah, I’ve been brought astray by those individuals. I intended Si Xia! It’s Si Xia!”
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Ye Wanwan nodded.
Si Yehan paused for a second ahead of replying to, “Emperor Ji.”
Si Yehan frowned frivolously. “Out of doors?”
Si Yehan was amazed. “Si Xia?”
“That lad probably went to go dig gaps again I’ll need to him afterwards. Initial, I’ll bathe and change my apparel!” Ye Wanwan quickly needed out all the garments out of the carrier.
Si Yehan furrowed his brows. “Emperor Ji isn’t on the isle?”
Ye Wanwan responded as she started out to get the revolutionary outfits through the bag: “Huh? Who?”
Si Yehan came out to have looked at one thing, his manifestation darkening a little.
Si Yehan furrowed his brows. “Emperor Ji isn’t for the island?”
Si Yehan paused for a moment well before giving an answer to, “Emperor Ji.”
It was actually nearly impossible to have this isle with the effectiveness of one person.
“Eh, there’s not one other way. It’s actually great that there’s a location to wash up with this poor put. Don’t fret, there isn’t any person suicidal who will dare to peek… ahem, I mean, Haitang and that i were actually together, and then we stored look for the other. It turned out awesome safe and sound.”
Ye Wanwan replied as she started to get the modern garments out of the bag: “Huh? Who?”
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Si Yehan surveyed the room because he casually questioned, “For the island… do you see him?”
Si Yehan was seriously too considerate. He geared up a complete outfit of clean outfits together with undergarments.

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