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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 602 – Entrusting Her Body to Him drum bee
Overlord (Light Novel)
“W-Why have you end, Su Yang?” she required him having a confused concept, her voice filled with misery, sounding much like a deprived little one who just obtained chocolate stolen completely from her lips.
“W-Why have you stop, Su Yang?” she expected him with a baffled manifestation, her tone of voice loaded with depression, sounding almost like a deprived kid who just got chocolate thieved from her lips.
Sun Jingjing could experience her little sibling drooling uncontrollably, and her cardiovascular was filled with antic.i.p.ation.
Nevertheless, she still smiled and claimed, “I recognize that you’re making an attempt the best to hold back your actual proficiency, Su Yang. Although you may are normally rewarding your associates, you can not fully suit your self since you are terrified of breaking us. That’s why I want to enhance myself as fast as possible— so that I could eliminate a handful of your restraints.”
Section 602 – Entrusting Her System to Him
Section 602 – Entrusting Her Body system to Him
“I-Is there a minimize to that particular strategy?” Sun Jingjing expected him in a very dazed speech.
“This system is known as ‘Myriad Transformation’, and it’s an approach I’d made following consuming motivation from another alteration approach. With this process, I will stretch or boost the size of specific aspects of my human body when i aspiration, even shifting its shape.” Su Yang described to her.
However, she still smiled and mentioned, “I recognize that you’re seeking your greatest to hold on to back your genuine abilities, Su Yang. Even if you are always satisfying your partners, you cannot fully suit on your own because you are afraid of smashing us. That’s why I would like to strengthen myself as quickly as possible— so that I can ease several of your restraints.”
“This approach is termed ‘Myriad Transformation’, and it’s a method I’d produced right after having enthusiasm from another alteration process. Because of this procedure, I could increase or improve the size of selected aspects of my system because i need, even switching its shape.” Su Yang explained to her.
“Not that I realize of.” Su Yang shook his go.
After the time of pondering, Su Yang nodded. “Ok, then let’s practice it. Whether it gets too uncomfortable to deal with, tell me.”
Right after capturing her breathing sometime after, she asked him in the bewildered voice, “What in the world was that just now, Su Yang?!”
“Then are there any procedures that’ll assist me improve my stamina more rapidly?” she quickly expected him.
Immediately after getting her breathing at some point in the future, she requested him inside of a bewildered tone of voice, “What in the world was that just now, Su Yang?!”
“Haaa… haa… haaa…” Direct sun light Jingjing panted heavily, feeling almost like she was dropping her consciousness.
“What… how…” she was so speechless she couldn’t even look for the thoughts to inquire him about this.
Seeing and hearing her terms, Su Yang smiled and stated, “If you think the Myriad Change could be the pinnacle of my expertise i then will need to let you down. The Myriad Change is only the suggestion in the iceberg, and also as your endurance increases, I am going to also raise the satisfaction you really feel.”
Su Yang smiled and inserted his shaft into her cave once again.
“Jingjing…” A warm term appeared on Su Yang’s attractive encounter, and this man explained, “Even though that’s true, I actually not prefer to watch you hurting your self for my benefit. If anything, I should be the anyone to carry that responsibility.”
“But as you intend to transform your strength a great deal, I could help you with this. On the other hand, it’s not likely to be simple. The truth is, it may well even split you with a minimal.”
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“Really…?” Sun Jingjing viewed him with large eyes.
“Why don’t you see by yourself?” Su Yang thought to her.
However, she still smiled and mentioned, “I know that you’re making an attempt the best to keep back your actual ability, Su Yang. Although you will almost always be enjoyable your companions, you are unable to fully please your own self since you also are terrified of busting us. That’s why I want to develop myself as fast as possible— to ensure that I could minimize a few of your restraints.”
Just after capturing her air at some point after, she inquired him inside of a bewildered voice, “What we know was that now, Su Yang?!”
Then he utilized Myriad Change to alter the size and shape of his p.e.n.i.s until it equipped Sunlight Jingjing’s cave correctly, making no s.p.a.ce untouched.
“Why don’t the truth is on your own?” Su Yang believed to her.
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Sometime down the road, Su Yang introduced his shaft into Sunlight Jingjing and set about going his h.i.p.s.
“Y-Indeed!” Sun Jingjing thrown away a lack of time nodding her mind and scattering her hip and legs.
Sunlight Jingjing was speechless. Performs this mean he could affect the shape and size of his little buddy nonetheless he pleases? This essentially means that he can be sure to any girl in this world without any boundaries, while he can simply improve his p.e.n.i.s to perfectly physically fit whichever golf hole it’s interior! That is, without any doubt, the pinnacle of dual cultivation strategies for males!

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